Steeped in Blue

<p> </p> <p>Steeped in Blue<br><br>This selection of images was created during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. This period of isolation both necessitated and prompted some unique methods for photographic art making. Working at home, outside, under the bright Alabama sun, I experimented with wet-process cyanotype, combined with photographic imagery, objects, plant matter, and culinary spices, to create a dynamic and expressive palette of colors, textures and tones. In some images, I revisit the suburban mysticism found in my prior projects Suburban Sublime and Twilight Passages, as I both struggled with, and embraced, the less predictable process of wet cyanotype, where unusual marks and shapes take on surprising juxtapositions. In other works, I used simple shapes as anchors points to pin down more improvisational flourishes, exploring uncertainty and transformation. I am pleased that such a challenging and restrictive time period has resulted in a way of working that feels so expansive.</p>